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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mega Disasters

MegaDisasters is awesome.  Have you seen it?

It is the perfect show for the students who ask the "What if?" questions in science.

Mega-disasters shows are designed around the question, 
"It's happened before; will it happen again?" 

The show uses past natural disasters as examples to examine what disasters 
(tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, asteroids, global warming, etc.) 
could come our way if history repeats itself.

It uses computer animations and re-creations to dramatize 
the potential "worst case scenario" catastrophes. (Scary stuff!)

My first few years teaching as a 6th grade earth science teacher, I fell in love with this show and downloaded many of the episodes on my personal laptop.
                                                      *Asteroid Apocalypse                                     * New York City Hurricane
                                                      *Atlantis Apocalypse                                      *LA's Killer Quake
                                                      *American Volcano                                       *Yellowstone Eruption
                                                      *The Next Pompeii                                        *Mega Drought
                                                      *Windy City Tornado                                   *Mega Freeze

Mostly I just show clips from the shows, but sometimes 
I may show a whole episode as a special treat if a group is really interested in a unit.


Kate said...

Thank you SO Much for posting this! I am just finishing up Earthquakes and will be starting Volcanoes next week. My 7th graders will love this! I will definitely be using your volcano worksheet.!!
To The Square Inch

Lauren said...

Ooh. Thank you for telling me about this show - I have a TON of kids that are all over the "What If..." in my 8th grade class. I can't come up with enough scenarios.

Life in Middle School

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