Monday, April 30, 2012

Measures of Center

I've talked about some of my favorite math websites in past posts
which include Illuminations and BBC to name a few.

Well, after a week full of testing and sitting silently, my students
 were ready for some serious hands-on-group-work-collaboration today
 and I used activities from the sites to pull something together.
To review "Measures of Center" vocabulary:
Each student took at turn completing a part of the interactive activity:

The widget (is that what it's called?) above can be found HERE on the BBC website.

I then demo-ed the below activity and we broke up into small groups.

And they loved the ACTIVITY FROM ILLUMINATIONS (pictured below).

1. Using a paperclip, about 5 rulers lined up end to end, and a foam cylinder (many objects will work)
the students flicked their "frog"(aka cylinder) three times in a row.

2. They then calculated the range and mean of the total distances.
{As seen above, I modified the paper by crossing out two parts of the paper.}


We again took turns reviewing "Measures of Center" using the SmartBoard.
Each student had a turn at the "Measures of Center" BBC Game: BAMZOOKi"

{Disclaimer: this is the "new" BBC game.  I think it is more difficult to follow than the "old" one dealing with building heights above.  It throws in decimals.  Good for the older students.}


I made this worksheet to review the original BBC Game (from the warm-up).
Probably could have been used as an "Entrance/Exit Ticket" as well.


Jessica said...

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I love your blog and am passing along an award to you to say thank you!!

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