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Sunday, April 1, 2012


To try this simple and fun lab...
Ask your students to bring in one plastic shopping bag and one penny for homework.

Purpose of the Lab:
To see if the size of the parachute affects the time it takes for the parachute to fall.

Lab Materials:
*plastic bag

Pairs of students will create two parachutes (1 large & 1 small).

Test the parachutes, recording the data in the table and calculating the averages.

Complete the analysis and conclusion.

I have done this lab about 15 times (thanks to block scheduling!) and each group of students have enjoyed it every time.  It is a good lab to practice following lab procedures, working collaboratively with a partner, and recording/analyzing data.  Finding the average of the drops to allow you to compare is a good math connection.

Disclaimer:  I warn you to do the "parachute drops" (PART II) inside rather than outside.  I have tried and tried again to have the students drop the parachutes outside, but every. single. time. I've tried, the wind (even a slight breeze) has affected the results.


Emmy de Greslan said...

Ohhhh fun experiment!!

I'm a new follower x
Daydreams of a Student Teacher

Simply Me said...

This looks great! Have you found the lab report yet? I sooo understand! :)

Megan, TN said...

You found the lab report? This would be excellent to use in my math class. Please post it if you can find it. Thanks!

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