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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bathroom Management.

Managing bathroom use during the day can be tough in middle school... 

For me, bathroom management is never a problem for Blocks 1,2, or 3. 
But Block 4? (1:05 − 2:30)

Suddenly what feels like every. single. student. needs to use the bathroom. immediately. urgently. and right. now.

Here's how I've tackled the issues: 


With my 6th graders this year, I presented the bathroom sign language symbol as a quiet way to ask.
It has and continues to work perfectly.  I see the symbol and just quietly respond to them non-verbally with a head nod or wave to the door.

Unfortunately, the 7th graders never caught I vow that next year I will make a better effort at enforcing it.


Well, I made a change to a new bathroom sign out routine (see chart above)...
 and this new bathroom chart is doing the trick.  

They just write an "X" when they used the bathroom that day.

It makes the students accountable for how many times a week they are using the bathroom during class.
(I found they kind of keep themselves in check now, knowing there is a log of their usage.)

If anything, it is easier for me to keep tabs on than the traditional sign out sheet.
Plus it cuts down on the time it takes to sign their name and time!

No time in/out you say? 
1. Didn't feel the problem hasn't been with how long they are out of the room, but with how frequently they are out of the room.  2. With school video cameras targeted on my classroom door from the hallway, I know there is the ability to timestamp their bathroom visit if absolutely needed.

Do YOU do anything non-traditional as a bathroom sign out?

I'd love to hear more ideas...


Tiffani said...

Now that I teach Kindergarten, it is a little different. Now I only let one by and one girl be out at a time, unless I can tell it is urgent. Before when I taught 2nd and 3rd, I had clothespins with their student number on them. When they used the bathroom, the would clip the clothespin to their pocket of our behavior card chart.

Our 6th grade teacher issues tickets each day. They turn them in when they need to use it. If you didn't use your ticket your ticket goes into a drawing

Lastly our other teacher makes her bathroom pass a large broom, they carry the broom to the bathroom.

Andrea said...

My fifth graders have an envelope taped to the inside of their desk, with 2 slips with their name on them. When they need to go, they hold up the slip. I either nod, or ask them to wait a few minutes, if it's not a good time.
By the door, I have a small poster I made that has Males on one side, and Females on the other side. There is one Sticky Clip hanging under each column. Students going to the restroom clip their pass under male or female. That way, I can glance at the door and immediately see who is gone, and only one boy and one girl can be gone at a time.
This has been great for managing this, with next to no interruption! I've actually gotten compliments on this management system from people observing in my room!

Ms. Dizon said...

Our school requires that the students sign out with the time by their name. This is due to bathroom problems. We change classes though and have found that certain students go every class period. We haven't found any solutions to this yet though we have called a few parents expressing our concerns that their child may need a DR checkup.

Judy said...

I bought 2 passes (a boy and girl from Target $1 bins)which are hung in the front of the room. When it is OK for kids to use the bathroom (not during instruction) the passes are hanging. If a child needs to go, they take the pass and lay it on their desk and put it back when they return. That way I know who is in the bathroom and only one boy and one girl can go at one time. It's worked great for me!

Heather said...

I also do the "sign out/in" thing, but I teach 4th grade. We have two class trips to the bathroom at scheduled times, and they are allowed one other time to use the bathroom per day. If they have to go more than that, they have to take a buddy (not sure that would cut down time for older kids, though). Maybe you could do incentives for those that only went once a week?

Ms. D said...

I use clothespins for my 6th graders but in a different way. They are labeled "Bathroom", "Locker" and "Drink." Students ask to go (1 at a time) and sign out (traditional) but clip the clothespin to their shirt. This reduces germs!! :-) I want to incorporate a hand signal maybe next year.

Unknown said...

I really like the sign out. As a sub I find I really have to monitor the frequency and duration of certain students bathroom breaks (in middle and high school). I only allow one bathroom break at a time, unless I can see it is an emergency.

The Crazy Adventures of a University Graduate

Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

I use the ASL sign as a silent way to convey meaning to me. I then nod if they can go and they sign out. Only one person is out at a time.

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Des said...

This sign out makes so much sense! I love how the easiest ideas work the best. Thanks!
I am a new follower and am excited to get to know you!

Des @ When I Grow Up

Erin said...

Our school requires a sign in/out sheet. I think I'd like to stream line it like you have ... maybe list their names & dates already, then they just write the time or something. But anyway -- more importantly, in 6th grade we give each kid a calendar that the teacher initials when they go to the bathroom. This discourages them from taking a stroll in every class period. But that afternoon time frame -- 1:00-2:00 -- I have the same problem. EVERYBODY has to go. Lunch has hit their little systems! The calendar may seem like a big deal, but we all get in the habit and it's no big deal.

Anonymous said...

I do a whiteboard where they sign their name and where they go. I'm not required to keep a log. At the beginning of the year, I let them monitor and sign themselves out on a sheet (to keep a log so I could keep track) with three boxes a day, but they had issues with a sub (I had three girls use all their sign outs in one hour in the morning, then erase their names to keep leaving--ah!) so I took away the privilege of being discreet and now they ask and I monitor. They take a hall pass and sign out so I can remember who is gone and where. If it is a dire emergency and they know it's not a good time (during instruction) they use the ASL sign. I LOVE your weeklong check out. I'm about to make this for the rest of the year and use it next year. (I'm a first year teacher-- can you tell with all my changes? Hah!). Brilliant!

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