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Saturday, January 10, 2015

My New Favorite App: Tiny Scan Pro

I am excited to share my FAVORITE app with you. 
It may be a bit pricey… but it is worth every penny of the $4.99. 
I bought it on my iPhone and my school purchased it on my iPad...
and it works equally as well on both devices!

As described on iTunes..
"TinyScan Pro - The little app that scans everything

* Scan documents, photos, receipts, or just about anything
* Lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both iPhone and iPad
* Batch mode combines multiple scans into a single PDF
*Share them by Email, Airprint, Dropbox, Evernote, Edmodo, Google Drive, or Wifi directly to your computer"

It's a pocket scanner! 

 I do use it every time the students have writing assignments.  Since I pass back student essays for them to make corrections, I scan the assignment  BEFORE passing it back. This allows me to maintain a digital file of students' independent writing abilities before they make my recommended changes. It also usually comes in handy since at least one student will lose the copy I gave them with all my editing marks on it.  This way I can quick print it out, send it to them digitally on Edmodo, or email it to their parents.

All Subjects:
Since our school is a BYOD school, I strive to create a digital copy of all work to be able to send to students via Edmodo. Using this app, I can turn any paper into a PDF file. It comes in handy especially when posting answer keys or sending miscellaneous items to parents and students. 

This app is also helpful for streamlining miscellaneous paperwork. I am able to quickly send forward paperwork to colleagues, administrators, consultants, and parents.  I am proud of my efficiency with this new app! Whether it is a student's tutor requesting a copy of writing samples from a student's portfolio, parent's requesting to see a copy of a student's test or essay that he/she keep forgetting to bring home, a consultant needing paperwork completed....I can complete all of those things in seconds without leaving my classroom to head to the office scanner!

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