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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Electoral College Review

Let's talk teaching
The Electoral College.

We teach the Presidential Election as part of our US Government Unit,
but many people only teach a mini unit or devote Election Day or President's Day to this topic in the younger grades. This activity works either way - as part of a unit or as a drop-in lesson!

(adapted for use with the app OR the website!)
{website is free and app is $.99}

along with a guided worksheet that challenges the student to apply their knowledge by tasks such as:
1. winning an election with 270 (with various challenges such as only small states and least number of states)
2. looking at and analyzing maps of famous historical elections
3. researching states' past election trends

We then finalize the activity with a discussion reflecting on the process 
and assessing pros and cons of the system.
And looking ahead to next week's test, I was excited to find this free
I still need to cut the review game cards...
But I wrote review questions on the back of the cards and will laminate and cut them tomorrow.

If the students get the question right, they earn the number of electoral college points from that card.
First student to 270 wins.

What do you do for electoral college? 

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