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Saturday, December 13, 2014

December - Five For Friday

Well, even though Five For Friday is taking a break in December....
I am linking up writing one anyway!


#1. I updated my home work space with a Target globe and new candle this week.  I changed it up by relocating my dirtsa studio world map to above my desk.  These little additions put the finishing touches on my work space and I think it is a relaxing place to lesson plan and make TpT products now!
{I found the little wood desk on Craigslist last year and my fiance redid it with blue paint and oil rubbed bronze knobs
to knock off this pottery barn table for WAY cheaper. I think it works.  Do you like it?}


#2.  My Giveaway is still going on...don't get forget to enter! It is my first blog Giveaway!
I am giving away some cute teal/gold stationary goodies and a $10 Starbucks giftcard.
{CLICK HERE to enter!}


#3. I am excited about my "Snow: Winter's Favorite Mineral" winter webquest.  I made it when I taught 6th grade earth science and had fun glittering it up with Glitter Meets Glue graphics for TpT!  The students take a quick quiz of misconceptions and little known facts about snow and use QR codes to investigate and answer prompts.


#4. Whoo hoo for Amazon's daily deals... I bought a laminator. Yes, a laminator.  I bought it on Thursday and it was here by Friday.  I then proceeded to try to laminate every paper item in my house.  (Note to Self: If you laminate receipts the whole thing turns black... The more you know.) My school has a hand crank laminator, but I have always been partial to thermal I think this is pretty great.  And for the sale price (80.00 15.99) it was well worth it.   

{They are back up to $30 today.... but now that I have one, I think the full price would be worth it, too}


#5. Hour of Code is totally new to me.  But my 5th grade G&T students LOVE to code...
and are crazy good! We did some,, and after school this week. 
When I can find the time, I would love to look into more coding activities. 

{We did a little half hour of code after school for fun!}

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