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Saturday, November 15, 2014

How a Bill Becomes A Law Journey

i made this activity to help the process of a 
bill to a law 
become more memorable. 

I love dice journeys for learning cycles, steps, and processes.  
They reinforce concepts and break misconceptions.
just photocopy the 9 dice on different color paper.
cut. tape.  and start rollin'.

The students then rotate the room, recording what happens on their Journey and the locations they travel to.  At the end of their journey, they draw a cartoon of their travels.

The lesson is a great opportunity to discuss the misconception that bills always travel the same exact path in the same exact time frame. Plus, the students have fun and the cartoons always come out super cute and I love to hang them around the room!

Above is a picture of a few dice in the process of construction.  The sheet seen here is the overview of the stations that shows the options on the sides of the dice and the path the students travel.

I will admit that the cutting of the dice is a little time consuming...
however, they do last for years.
And I love making them because it is a fun activity for the it is worth it.

Aren't they cute?

Tape together.  To make them last longer I prefer to print on cardstock and use clear packaging tape over  the whole dice.

Here are 5 of the 9 dice.  I do each on a different color to match with a station title.

My co-teacher and I have discussed trying some different variations this year such as:
-adding an activity (like actually debating) at stations
-having to start over as a new bill until they pass
We then were inspired by the Schoolhouse Rock "I'm just a bill..." song....

to have a Karaoke Project for the students as an end of unit summative project.

Students were required to write lyrics and sing them to the class (in groups of 4)
while projecting the lyrics and playing the karaoke version of the song on youtube.

YMCA, Don't Stop Believing, Greenday, Taylor Swift, Farmer in the Dell, All About that Bass....

It was quite the concert.

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