Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SS Interactive Notebook Pt. 1

How a Bill Becomes a Law is a great unit for an interactive notebook 
because the students truly benefit from 
the additional practice and interactive activities.

This interactive notebook supports students in learning, practicing, and analyzing the steps of how a bill becomes a law. 

Here is an example of a foldable:

And here is an example of a reading activity for students to complete a close read:

About This Activity:
I developed these foldables for middle school students' interactive notebooks in our "How a Bill Becomes a Law" Unit.

Included In This Activity:
8 Activities:
♦ 2 Flipped Classroom Assignments
♦ 1 Page Foldable (Previewing Vocabulary)
♦ 2 Page Close Reading
♦ 1 Page Foldable (Reviewing Content)
♦ 1 Page Graphic Organizer
♦ 1 Page Foldable Concept Check Questions
♦ 1 Foldable Pocket with Self-Check Cards (3 pages)
Pictures of Notebook in Use
Answer Keys

{This unit takes 1 wk. from start to quiz. I use this + How A Bill Becomes a Law Stations.}

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