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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guess the Probability Stations

In the past I have always had the students figure out the theoretical probability before they test the experimental probability. (See: Twister Probability Activity Freebie)

With this activity the order is reversed.
The students test the experimental probability then guess the theoretical probability.

Note: I make a few sets of the stations so that no more than 1 student is at a bag at the time...making sure each A, B, and C have the same # of blocks!

1. The students rotate the stations.
2. The student picks one block without looking, graphs the color, and returns it to the bag.
3. When students have picked and recorded 10 blocks at the station, they move onto the next.

Here are the Rules:

Here are the Recording Sheets for the Stations:

After we finished the activity, the students each shared their predictions for Station 1.

Then I poured the baggies out under the document camera to check their prediction.

The results were so exciting!  The class average of the theoretical probability for each station matched up exactly with the experimental probability! (pouring the bags out!)

That's the last activity for my probability unit this year! Time for my Probability Jeopardy and then Test!

1 comment:

Miss Angel said...

Probability is such a fun topic to teach! I love all of the different colors and the guesses... its like gambling! :D

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