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Sunday, October 16, 2011

How do you organize YOUR student desks?

I swear by small-groups in my classroom {as seen above}. 

As with any desk arrangement it has it's pros and cons:
+ With the desks clumped together it provides more floor space in the classroom. (= easy walking pattern for proximity to all students)
+ Students are already in small groups so it cuts out the transition time of moving desks into small groups for daily groupwork.
+ I can put a bin of materials neatly on each desk.
+ Stations and "pass the card" activities work well in this formation.
+ The students can easily rely on their "teammates" when they need assistance: whether they need to borrow a pencil or find out what page we are working on.
+ All the groups are tilted so that all students can see the board at all times.
- For some students, the setup is a distraction when we are doing whole-group instruction.
-  There is a big transition time of desk movement when students need to move their desks apart (about once a week) for a test or a quiz.

I would love to hear how other teachers arrange their student desks! Link up below!


Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

I too have my students in groups. I cannot handle the rows of desks within the classroom, but every other middle school teacher has them that way. If I had it my way I would have tables instead of desks. I am all about hands-on and collaborative learning and my set-up allows me to do that easily.

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Sherrie said...

I have my students in groups of four or five. I really cannot fit more than six groups of desks so when I get close to 30 students it gets really crowded in my classroom. This year I have 29 students in one class and I swear that one extra desk (last year I had 28) is just making my room so darn crowded. I really do not want to add another group (and have mostly groups of four) because then instead of checking in with six groups I would check in with seven (during group work) and that would add time and one more set of group materials.

Kim said...

Hi Courtney:

My room sounds a lot like yours.
I have six groups of six (I only have 34 students... so far).
I can't imagine it any other way either--for the same reasons you listed!
I'll try and post a picture--including an option for test-taking.
Have a great week!

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