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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Physical Science Videos Part II

Working on my upcoming Motions & Energy unit / science curriculum writing today....

Just took an hour out of my day to search for videos and links to use...

And here is the list I have compiled:

Brain Pop Videos:
Brain Pop Video: Forms of Energy
Brain Pop Video: Kinetic Energy 
Brain Pop Video: Potential Energy
Brain Pop Video: Gravity
Brain Pop Video: Law of Conservation of Mass
Brain Pop Video: Acceleration

You Tube Videos:
The Story of Potential And Kinetic Energy
Potential and Kinetic Energy Roller Coasters/Rides Student-Made
Wile E Coyote: Potential and Kinetic Energy
Harry Potter: An Example of Law of Conservation of Mass
Positive and Negative Acceleration
Solar Thermal Energy in Europe
Nuclear Power Democratic Debate Question
NASA: Calculating Real-World Kinetic and Potential Energy
Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Rap
Mythbusters: Flag on the Moon (Forces)

Teacher's Domain Videos/Interactive Links:
Teacher's Domain: Convective Cloud Systems
Teacher's Domain: Kinetic and Potential Energy in A Rollercoaster
Teacher's Domain: Law of Conservation of Mass Demo
Teacher's Domain: Virtual Car: Velocity and Acceleration
Teacher's Domain: Speed, Velocity, and Centripetal Force on the Race Track

Other Interactive Links:
Doppler Effect Interactive Activity
BBC Interactive: Energy Stored and Used
BBC Interactive: Forces
BBC Interactive: Electricity and Magnetic Forces

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