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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Science Sentence Frames

Today I was thrilled to come across a great blog post that put a name to something that I love to use in my science classroom.  It was refreshing to see another teacher's philosophy on using the sentence starters in the science classroom.

She calls it "Sentence Frames".  I had always called it "Sentence Starters". 
Tomato. Tomahto.
(though i do think i like calling it "frames" better...)

Above is a picture of our recent "Gobstopper Conclusion" with sentence starters 
pasted above the paragraph...(and also written in red marker!)

Sample Conclusion Sentence Starters for Conclusion-Writing-Beginners:

The original hypothesis was  ________________
The procedures of the lab were ____________________
The data was ___________________________
The hypothesis was found to be (true OR false?) __________________because ______________
An error that may have affected our results was _____________
At the end of the lab, I learned ______________________

As a 6th grade (and even in 7th!) science teacher, I began using "sentence starters" to guide my students to write effective conclusions.  As an end result, I have found that the students' ability to communicate what they have learned has improved dramatically.  They just needed the "frame" as the guidance to show them how to think and speak about science and then they can insert their own thoughts and ideas! 

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