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Monday, September 12, 2011

Math & Science Journals Part III

Since making journaling part of my daily routine, I needed to come up with a system to organize the commonly used materials on the students' desks. 
SO, I was very proud of myself this morning when I hot glued a little dollar store bin into a bigger dollar store bin to create the masterpiece you see above.  I made 6, one for each table.

Here are some clips from my students' 7th grade Science Journal so far. We are starting with the easy stuff....lab safety and scientific method last week through tomorrow...

Tomorrow we will be adding two more foldables (Surface Tension: Pre-Lab & Drops On A Penny Lab Report) to our notebook as we complete the Penny Lab!

I'm having fun getting creative with all the types of foldables that can be used in the interactive notebooks... stay tuned as I make my own!

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