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Monday, September 26, 2011

graphing fun in the resource room!

1. Math Centers Gr. 3 − 4  = WONDERFUL, fun centers.  Colorful. Easily completed independently.
2. Using the Standards: Data & Probability Gr. 4: Good independent practice.
3. Gotta Have Graphs! Grades Gr. 1 − 6    = Great Activities.  
4. Graphing Hidden Pictures Gr. 2 − 3 = Good book.  The students really enjoyed it, but it was too easy for them.
5. Graphiti  = The newest edition to the collection...just arrived today.  I think that this book will be a nice challenge for my students.

Above is my Coordinate Graphing with Candy! Activity.

Materials: The students each get a 4 quadrant white erase board, marker, and tissues (for erasing).
Directions: I walk around with a baggie of smarties and place one Smartie (or two or three for faster-working students) on the students' board at a time.  To eat the candy, they must correctly identify the ordered pair of the Smartie.

The kids LOVE it. And it works just as well with M&M's and coordinate graphing in just Quadrant I.

I am THRILLED about the "Where's Wilson" and "Where's Wilma" Domino Games I just purchased!

Above is "Where's Wilson"....The students play the game similar to dominos.  They work in small groups to match up ordered pairs and graphs on the dominos.  Today I had the students work on  "Where's Wilson" has students work in just Quadrant I. "Where's Wilma"challenges students to work in the four Quadrants.

Overall, today was a great day of new math activities and old math activities.  Some of the old math activities included having each student have a try at a coordinate graphing game on the board using the mimeo....

Link up your favorite interactive-graphing sites!

Note: This is my first time using inlinkz...and i cannot figure out how to get the title below to say "math." NOT "science." haha WHOOPS! Link up anyway! ;)

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