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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

diet coke and mentos super-fountains!

 I am pretty excited to do the Mentos lab today! 
Try it yourself with my 

I am using it as part of my 7th grade unit on "Physical and Chemical Changes."
I'm wishing I had bought Steve Spangler's Geyser Tube... I've read that it is difficult to drop the mentos into the soda without making a mess :/ 

I imagine our lab will go something like this (A girl can dream can't she?):

Want the Research behind this time-old experiment? Check out the Mythbusters video below.

{Post-Experiment Update: I walked into class today... to find that I had a student bring in his own steve spangler geyser tube to class... So we got to try it after all!)

Below is a video explaining the contraption:
(We did not use the geyser for the whole lab, just as a grand finale at the end!)

Any tips or different versions for mentos & coke lab?
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