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Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Week's Unit Plan

 I've never taught physical science before so it took me a while to really think through the units and make a pacing guide for myself.

View the finished product here: 7th Grade Science Pacing Guide. (Note: Our district is in block scheduling so students only have science for half a year...)

3. The first unit was originally a 2 week consolidated to 4 days.  Here is the finished product: Think Like A Scientist UBD . 


Julie said...

Wow, pretty cool! That looks like a whole lot of work!!
Does every grade do the pacing guide for every subject? I teach 3rd grade and would love to compare notes.
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

A Middle School Survival Guide said...

Hey Julie! It takes a lot of time when you first create it...but I justify it by telling myself that once you have the pacing guide and the cover page done, your plans are basically done for however long the unit takes you. I have an editable word document for Sept - June to make pacing guides if you want me to email it to you!

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