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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Physical Science Videos

I also have started working on my Physical Science UBD. (Disclaimer: That is a rough rough copy of my daily I said, I'm just now muddling my way though it since I've never taught it before!)

SO...I am giving myself the challenge of exactly ONE HOUR to find, watch, and list as many resources as possible to consider adding into my unit: 

Annnnnnd GO: 

Fun/Informative on Vocab:
(some other videos on Brainpop like measuring, body chemistry, water, salt..might be good for using before labs but I didn't link up to them.)

Kinda Really Really Really Boring:

You Tube (My school blocks YouTube so we have to use KickYouTube to download.):

Just for Fun:
clip from the middle of the Magic School Bus episode: "MSB Meets MollyCule" (get it, MollyCule...molecule. bahaha) the gang discovers what a molecule looks like.
clip from the end of The Magic School Bus "The Magic School Bus: Meets Molly Cule"  addressing the idea that molecules are the smallest "bit" that give something it's characteristics.

Here's my favorite video of all.  Thanks, Harry Potter. You just make Chemistry a little bit cooler.

That's all folks.

PS- I also like a bunch of physical science activities found here!

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