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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i survived the 2011 earthquake.

Today as I was standing in Rite Aid printing out pictures at 1:52 pm, I survived my first earthquake.  And let me tell you, Rite Aid is not where I would want to be if the real-thing happened here in New Jersey.  The floor and walls were moving, all the lights were swaying, and about 20 shampoo bottles toppled off the nearby shelf.

My first thoughts during my near-death experience?
1. I CAN'T WAIT to talk about this with my science class!
2. I wonder where the epicenter is.  I hope it wasn't under my house (It wasn't, obviously.)
3. I am NOT in an earthquake-safe structure right now.

Try a mock earthquake with your own students.

1. Download "Large Earthquake" sound effects on i-tunes.
2. Use this script to walk the students through an Earthquake drill, as done in California.
3. Then to get a little bit more dramatic, show clips from: "megadisasters: la's killer quake", which talks about worst case scenario earthquakes.

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