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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Activity Sticks.

Today's project: "Activity sticks" to keep kids active during the day.  Just made these for boyfriend's first grade class.  They look amazing, if I do say so myself.  (Used this idea when I student taught third grade and loved it!)   Found a template for the sticks over here at Keep Calm and Teach On.

picture from Keep Calm and Teach On

Thought: Though I've only used these in elementary school...something like this could work in middle school...when you teach in block scheduling, some days the kids need a break from sitting.

Goal for Self:  Since I most likely WON'T be using "Activity Sticks" during my 7th grade science lessons (as much as I love them!), I am going to make it my goal to make my own set of  "Inquiry Sticks" of inquiry science activities that can be pulled as 5 minute breaks (the same way activity sticks are used).


RebeccaJ said...

The inquiry sticks sound like a great idea - did you come up with any ideas? How do you use the activity sticks?

A Middle School Survival Guide said...

Thanks! I haven't....that is STILL on my very long to-do-list.

I use the activity sticks mostly for transition between subjects or activities or during a long-stretch of seatwork to break up the monotony. My boyfriend uses them with his class too. I say they are appropriate for 1st - 6th grade.

For example as we move from a worksheet to taking a quiz, a student comes and picks a stick, we complete the activity, then we take the quiz...taking a 60-second time out to move around gets them focused and on track.

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