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Friday, December 4, 2015

December Teacher Gifting

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed liked December lasted forever?
Waiting for Christmas seemed like a lifetime?

But now the days of December seems to fly by. It seems like we can't slow down.
We don't have enough time to get it all done.

You aren't crazy. There is a theory for this.
Time it IS flying.
I have been researching for my upcoming Time Travel Unit*, 
and I have read up on some very interesting philosophies about 
the concept of time and the passing of time.
Besides the fact that it is kind of depressing- it is oh, so interesting!

*sidetone: the unit will be posted here later this month....I can't wait to publish my new unit!  This unit came to fruition last year when my students were clearly OBSESSED with time travel - impromptu debates about time travel were happening  - so I harnessed this interest and have been slowly working on a formal unit since then!

Well, anyway, for me, the month is definitely flying by.
And I haven't shopped yet. Not one little bit. 

So let's talk gifts.

I am considering gifting my colleagues  "Christmas In a Jar" Mulling Spices Mason Jar" gifts this year. A cheap and useful gift... they look adorable and smell amazing. Perfection!
My other ideas is BAGGU bags (because you can't go wrong with useful, cheap bags).  Or maybe just reindeer beer or wine. Last year I was lazy and bought Starbucks gift cards.  And the year before that I bought Lululemon headbands and/or gloves because my colleagues love to workout.

Any other favorite ideas? 

Here are a few of my favorite things I have received from students and loved! 
I would consider getting any colleague something from this list below, too:


MICHAEL Michael Kors leather wristlet / BAGGU / BAGGU / Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote - BuiltNY / Large Metallic Gold Leather Tassel Keychain by TheProvidenceStory / Large Classic Red Leather Tassel Keychain by TheProvidenceStory / Starbucks Tumbler

1. I love the weight and beauty of the key chain - I never lose my school keys now! I clip it on to my Longchamp bag to walk into school every day, leave it out in my desk in case of a lock-down or fire drill, and clip it back on my bag to leave at the end of the day! 

2. I received a similar wristlet from a student and it was such a generous and useful gift! I used it for a year straight.  I clipped my school keys to it and carried it from class to class (as a teacher traveling classrooms) as well as to run errands to and from school!

3. You can never go wrong with coffee mugs. I have a few, but it is always great to keep one at school to fill with the coffee club/school coffee throughout the day!

4. I looove that the baggu can be weighted down with 50 lbs of papers to take home and grade! It is easy to stuff into your purse and pull out when you end up needing to come home with more than you came to school with! 

5. I have this exact lunch tote and am so glad that it is washable.  It is the best. Especially since I forget to clean my lunchbag out at least once a week. And then need to wash it once a week. 

What are your favorite gifts?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

What great gift ideas, Courtney! I'll take one of each!

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