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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day in the Middle Grades

I have loved seeing all the sweet activities elementary teachers are doing in their classrooms on Valentine's Day.  Some people may hate the "Hallmark Holiday", but I think it is a great opportunity to make all students feel appreciated and "loved".

Valentine's Day exchanges look a little different in middle school than in many of the elementary classrooms.  In our school, a number of 8th grade students sell candygrams at lunch.  Students are allowed to purchase Fun Dips at lunch for people and the students running the sales organize the sale and distribution of the candy to students in homeroom.  The students are very sweet about it.

I have also found that math is a great opportunity to incorporate making of Valentine's Day cards.  The students can apply concepts like symmetry, fibonacci, graphing, parallel lines, coordinate graphing, coloring in pictures with math problems, fractions, and equations to the making of the cards. 

How cute is this problem above? My co-teacher friends had the students solve this problem and then use it to decorate a Valentine's Day card.  Their homework over the weekend was to take a picture of them giving the card to someone and posting it to their private Edmodo page.

Here are a few of my favorites:

What other activities do you love in the middle grades classrooms? What other subjects to you find easy application of the holiday into lessons? What Valentine's Day activities are your favorite?

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