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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


LISTENING: I have been listening to Christmas music on my TV lately.  It makes much better background sound than Vanderpump Rules and Housewives.  

LOVING: Starbucks Verismo black friday!

THINKING: Almost there...can't wait for Christmas in the Caribbean (cue Jimmy Buffett) with the fam.

WANTING: A Snow Day. Pretty self explanatory. 

NEEDING: Love Fabletics.  Their pants are way cheaper than Lulu and seem just as good quality so far!  I got a sweater, cute chevron tights, and tank top for like 30 bucks.  I think it is my new addiction. Here is a link to join if you are interested....   

GIVING: Feedback. I am looking for new ways to give meaningful feedback to help my kids grow!


k said...

I will have to check out that website! I am always looking for a cheaper alternative to LuLu. Christmas music is the best. Do you have a favorite song/musician? Happy December!

Barbara said...

Hi Courtney!
I just heard about Fabletics for the first time this week! I'm going to buy something from them, too!
Merry Christmas!
BL Designs

A Middle School Survival Guide said...

@Katie & @Barbara - It is only my second month using it, but I love it so far1 You can skip months, but I can see how it will be addicting not to....

@Katie- No favorite song, but Christmas wise I would have to say I love the Jimmy Buffett songs because I love a white (Sand) Christmas!

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