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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in the Caribbean

...Christmas in the Carribean
we've got everything but snow.
-Jimmy Buffett

OK, so maybe we aren't actually in the Caribbean, 
but there are lights on palm trees, oranges in our stockings, and key lime pie left out for Santa.

Here are a few pictures from my break so far.
Relaxing on Lido Beach/ Reading The Advisory Book  to prepare for grant writing/
planning my next G&T unit in my new Lilly notebook/ Appreciating the great sunsets

"What?! You're doing work on vacation?"
Yes. It's true. This year has been quite busy (just a little bit..) and I am thankful to do some work at my own pace over vacation.  I am, of course, treasuring precious time with family and relaxing... but also gradually attacking my long long list of things to be done: 

Lesson Planning.  Curriculum Writing. Preparation for Grant Writing. Wedding Planning. Organizing.
The list goes on.

{It may sound crazy, but I swear that I will leave vacation more relaxed if I 
accomplish just a few things while I am here.}

White (sand) Christmases are an almost-30 year family tradition that I treasure.
Our little traveling Christmas tree has been shoved in suitcases
to the Cayman Islands, Key Largo, Lido Key, and Disney World year after year. 

Wishing you the BEST winter break ever doing whatever traditions your family treasures most!


Unknown said...

Wow, it looks beautiful where you are right now! Enjoy your vacay! :D

A Middle School Survival Guide said...

Thanks! You too....hope your holiday was great! We had a chance to go to London this summer...we can't wait to go back! :)

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