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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog Makeover

My blog got a makeover. 

😍 (Insert the emoji with hearts for eyes here.)

Just less than a week ago, I posted in my "Currently" that I was interested in design options for my blog.  {My "graphics" had been the same for three years and were DIY to say the least.}
Bender's Bunch was so sweet to message me her link to resources.  Her list was very helpful and detailed and helped me start the search process.  (Thanks,Traci!) Within a day I found Courtney and Shanon from Blogs Fit For A Queen and submitted a form via their website.  They were awesome! I heard back from them that day, and a few days I moved from their "waiting" to "currently working on" list. By the weekend we were emailing back and forth about blog specifics... and is done!  (+ my TpT got a makeover too!)  I'm thrilled!

The makeover sparked me to create social media (instagram, blog lovin, pinterest, email address) and to start connecting with other teachers over new social forums. 

I am excited for where this is heading.

What do you think?

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