Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Test Prep

Standardized testing season is quickly approaching...
so I am joining in on the Standardized Testing Linky Party!
Here are a few things I have found useful in the past few years...

1.Online Test Banks:

I have found that Massachusettes releases 50% or so of the questions/answers/topics each year. 
If you click on the site below, you will be brought to the log of questions broken down by year, grade, and subject from years 2005-2010.**

**I don't teach in Massachusettes, but I did find that many of the questions overlapped**

2. Lakeshore Learning Test Prep Cards

This breaks up the monotony of test prep.  The cards are fun to flip and keep the students busy.  Can be used as a station or as whole group activity (if you buy enough..)

  • I bought both a 4th and 5th grade set for my 6th grade resource class as a review of old skills.
  •  I printed a blank bubble sheet free from online and had them bubble their answers as they went. 
  • I used it as a center during class for about two weeks...each day having the students got pick a new set to complete as a timed "warm up".


Heather said...

I'm nominating your blog as one of my top 10 picks. Stop by my blog for your award!

A M Smith said...

Just sent you an award! Already posted!! I see you just got it too! Wow!! You are good!! :) Have a great one! See the post at this link: http://bit.ly/wUhv07
Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections

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