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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Test Prep

Standardized testing season is quickly approaching...
so I am joining in on the Standardized Testing Linky Party!
Here are a few things I have found useful in the past few years...

1.Online Test Banks:

I have found that Massachusettes releases 50% or so of the questions/answers/topics each year. 
If you click on the site below, you will be brought to the log of questions broken down by year, grade, and subject from years 2005-2010.**

**I don't teach in Massachusettes, but I did find that many of the questions overlapped**

2. Lakeshore Learning Test Prep Cards

This breaks up the monotony of test prep.  The cards are fun to flip and keep the students busy.  Can be used as a station or as whole group activity (if you buy enough..)

  • I bought both a 4th and 5th grade set for my 6th grade resource class as a review of old skills.
  •  I printed a blank bubble sheet free from online and had them bubble their answers as they went. 
  • I used it as a center during class for about two weeks...each day having the students got pick a new set to complete as a timed "warm up".


Heather said...

I'm nominating your blog as one of my top 10 picks. Stop by my blog for your award!

Unknown said...

Just sent you an award! Already posted!! I see you just got it too! Wow!! You are good!! :) Have a great one! See the post at this link:
Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections

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