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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baseball Math: Statistics and Data

This set by Lakeshore Learning is da' bomb.

[I've always wanted to make my own statistics stations based on baseball cards and  box scores from the newspaper ... but to be honest, this set was totally worth the $19.95.]

The set comes with 4 newspapers, 8 baseball cards, and 8 activity cards.
The given materials can create 4 stations...each station including:
 2 activity cards to be completed by looking at the 2 baseball cards and 1 newspaper.

The product works great as stations in the classroom...
I think the product would also work great as a classroom center....
OR photocopied for independent work / to accommodate more students.

{The questions ask for mean, median, mode, and range....but I found that the most difficult part is interpreting data from a table and problem solving.}

{It claims the set is for 3rd - 6th grade.  
I found it to be the perfect level of challenge for my 7th grade resource class.}

For the record, I also bought Mall Math and Party Math AND Restaurant Math...but this one is my favorite!

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