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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Help a Girl Out...with Dissections.

I'm gonna start this post by admitting: I've never been a huge fan of dissecting frogs and worms.  I'm just not into it.

Ironically, my school's lab will be "out of order" for the next two weeks due to some construction.

Long story short? We can't dissect this semester. Since my school is in "block scheduling", my first semester students will not get to dissect because they head to Social studies in a week.

Here's where you come in....

Anyone know any great websites with virtual dissections?

Please post below to share any thoughts or resources.

UPDATE: Here are the links I have compiled so far today :
(I will try to find the time to make this into a worksheet this weekend...)

Virtual Worm Dissection:
1. Read the information at nature watch....
Questions on how to use taxonomic key
and worm facts/labeling the picture 
2. Read the information on Worm World. and View the pictures at Cornell site. Click on the pictures and then 
the circled numbers to read about the parts identified.
4. Read the Manual. Self-check by labeling on the computer, then 
labeling the picture. on MHHE website.

(+ maybe look at a virtual work tour and use some diagrams from here:

Virtual Frog Dissection

2. Complete the virtual dissection at
3. If possible, use the ipad app at

Other Virtual Dissections
 Virtual Cat Dissection (Gag!)
Sheep Brain Dissection 
Rat Dissection
Cockroach, Pig, etc. Dissections

Real-Live Dissection Lab Links

Earthworm Dissection Lab Link
Frog Dissection Lab Link


Anonymous said...

I also can't dissect this year, but that's because my kids would never ever EVER be allowed to hold scalpels, dissecting scissors, etc. I've found frog net ( to be helpful, but I particularly love anything the BBC produces. I don't know if they have anything good for animal dissection. I know there's a flower dissection there. The only thing about the BBC is that the spelling/ terminology occasionally differ because they're British.

A Middle School Survival Guide said...

Ooooh, cool! Thanks for commenting...great link, thanks! I will add it to my list :) YES, I love BBC too....I will have to check it out!

stgaynor said...

check out these amazing Channel 4 large animal dissection videos. I have shown clips after the students have done a dissection or sometimes show a whole episode.

stgaynor said...

also check out the channel 4 website to go with the series

rshewlakow said...

Don't know if you have a SmartBoard in your classroom, but there is an activity in the gallery for dissecting a frog. Not only is it interactive, but it's very realistic. Good luck!

Nikki Ingram said...

Tag! You are it!

Sarah said...

Shoot, I tagged you in my blog too, I didn't see that you had been tagged.

Linda Dunnavant said...

I didn't see you had been tagged either. Oh well, I tagged you too!

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