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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coming soon...

Why do I have baby food containers in my sink if I don't have a baby, you ask?

Oh, just some lab preparations for tomorrow... sorry to disappoint you. 
I wish I had something more exciting to post tonight. But I don't.

 You'll have to check back later this week 
for the lab pics and the lab freebie!!

Sorry I'm slacking.  But I promise the end of the week I will be sharing THREE items:
1. Math Probability Stations
2. Science Weather Webquest #2
3. The Mystery Lab Report

Materials for the Lab:
2 baby food containers / group
2 rubber bands / group
water (+ something to measure)
steel wool

Confession: I ate two containers of Sweet Potatoes as I cleaned.

Did you know that washing/cleaning the labels off 24 baby food containers is tiring?
Just sayin.  

Can you guess what the lab might be?

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