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Monday, November 21, 2011

Numbers on Thanksgiving Day

Here's a taste of my Thanksgiving Day Plans:

1. Math Notebook Prompt - 
Use permutations to find how many different ways your family can sit at the Thanksgiving table.

Students volunteers are given one minute to present  their diagram 
and their problem solving technique (using a borrowed document camera :) ).

2. Thanksgiving Calorie Calculator- Students complete online survey found at .  The survey automatically calculates the calories students will eat.  The students then will use a list similar to this (gotta find a new one, this one is not my favorite...)to create an exercise plan to stay active and healthy over the weekend after such a big meal! 
(This was an activity I used in Science last year, but plan to use in Math this year too!)

Thanksgiving Feast
My Thanksgiving dinner
this year totalled:

3828 calories
143 grams of fat

How much did you have?
Find out here!

3. Shopping for Turkey Day - I also found a great freebie that I would love to incorporate...but I lost the link and the freebie for it! :-/
Anyone know who posted it? It was for students to use the Thanksgiving circulars from grocery stores to create a menu and add up how much the meal would cost.....

Ed helper also has some awesome thanksgiving themed coordinate graphing worksheets....


Jill said...

Is this the activity you were talking about?

It looks so fun except I'm pretty sure my first graders would be totally lost...

Marvelous Multiagers!

A Middle School Survival Guide said...

YES! That's the one!! :) Thanks, Jill!

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