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Monday, October 17, 2011

It's that time of year {fall colds/flus}.

Usually, if I think I might be out, I post-it note EVERYTHINGGGG for the following day with detailed directions just in case.
I even pre-setting the timer for the warm-up.
I also kid-proof the room and put away items that may be damaged in my absence.


What about emergencies?
As in, not able to give directions to someone at the last minute.
As in no copies are activities are prepared for the day.
What's your go-to worst-case scenario emergency plans?

Worst case scenario, I have the following extreme-emergency materials on my desk:

SCIENCE Virtual Labs
"The Best of Beakman's World" DVD
with instructions on how to write up a lab
report for each short 15 minute episode.
(The video has natural breaks, which area good opportunity to pause and discuss.)


"Mythbusters Season 1" Box-Set
with a generic "Mythbusters" Worksheet of analysis questions to complete while watching the chosen episode.  I have a few of the short episodes flagged that coincide with the curriculum.

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Unknown said...

Gave you a shout out on my post :)

Check it out

❤ Mor ❤
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