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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Design-A-Rollercoaster Fun!

We had a blast in the lab today designing Roller Coasters!

Steps to completing the lab:
1. Students design and draw a hypothesis of a rollercoaster.
2. Students test the rollercoaster with a BB pellet.
3. They record their changes and create a new design.
4. The process continues until they create a successful rollercoaster.
5. Write a conclusion reflecting on the process making sure to use key vocabulary: kinetic energy, potential energy, and gravitational potential energy.

Materials: lab tubing (about 5 feet per group), tape (5 pieces only!), BB pellet

Prior to completing this lab....

I showed my students this short video:

Used these interactive links on my mimeo/projector:
Potential and Kinetic Energy - Energy in a Roller Coaster (same interactive activity with better graphics)

After completing this lab....
We went to the computer lab for them to each take this online quiz:

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