Monday, October 24, 2011

Current Daily Moon Phase

Daily Moon Phases:


I think this is pretty darn awesome.  

Just one more week until earth science and moon phases! ;)
And I'm so excited to try out modeling the moon phases with Oreos!

Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!

As I began thinking about the upcoming unit...........

I just gave myself another one-hour-challenge
to find every link I can find on Astronomy/Weather/Earth's Changing Surface. 
K... Go:

Brain Pop Moon
Bill Nye - Gravity, Rotation
Rapping Weather Man: 1 3 4  (just for fun)
Interactive Sites:
Animation of Moon Phases/Revolution Awesome model of the moon movement aligned with what we see.


Other Misc. Ideas:

Earth's Changing Surface:
Plate Tectonics Video from UnitedStreaming

(And let me know if you have any great links I didn't find!!)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Hi Courtney:

I've used Snack Tectonics at:

Thanks for this Earth Science listings. I will be needing/using these soon!

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