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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Accentuate the Negative

Negative Numbers can be one of the hardest units for students to grasp...

So here are some fun ideas I have found make the abstract concept seem a little more "real":

1. Number Balls - a game of ordering integers from least to greatest....

e learning - learn
2. Cyberchase "Less than Zero" episode....I prefer to pick out only the math related clips of the episode.  This is easy to do using UnitedStreaming or TeachersDomain.
Here are the CLIPS from teacher's domain:

Same sign, add and keep
Different sign, subtract
Take the sign of the larger number 
Then you'll be exact. 

Change the minus to a plus
Change the sign that's next
Now all you do is add them up
As if they were a plus.

3. Integers Project

1 comment:

Jes said...

Hi! I'd love to have the code or link for your ordering integers game, where can I find it? Thanks!

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