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Monday, August 22, 2011

website of the day.

I just wanted to share one of my favorite earth science websites, Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas. (And check out her blog, here!!)
It is chock full with creative, hands-on printables and ideas for differentiating instruction that has really inspired me.  It was a lifesaver my first year of teaching (6th grade earth science) so I'm hoping it will be a great reference once again as I prepare for teaching 7th grade science this year.

I found the materials were exactly the style I wanted to use to teach in middle school...but something that is also very rare to find since most teacher created resources are geared toward elementary content!

The picture above shows a "game." I printed the document out on colored paper and passed baggies of them to the student groups.  Their rules were to put it together as fast as possible and then read it aloud to their small-group.  It was their anticipatory set before heading down to the lab room to do a seismic wave lab. 

(The Science Spot and Middle School Science were Marcia's inspirations for her site and are great references as well!)

1 comment:

Amelia Rayne said...

I was looking around your blog and saw your UBD lesson for the beginning of the year. I am new to using UBD lesson formatting and em required to use them this year. I was hoping you might be willing to share more of your science UBD lessons with me. I am really having challenges with Essential Questions. I feel like I am writing things over and over. If you would be willing, you can also send them to my email at heathereteacher at gmail dot com. Thanks so much!!!

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