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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A New Kind of Portfolio...

I have always enjoyed keeping a portfolio each year.  I first got into the habit because it was a requirement of first year teachers... but came to enjoy it!  The process helped me to reflect on my instructional decisions throughout the year.  It became a useful reference to look back on at a later point to see the things that worked ...and the things that didn’t.  

And so I have made paper-copy portfolios as a little reference/scrapbook of the years in review.  Recently I have been taking graduate classes for School Leadership/Principalship, and though my classes, I believe in the value of promoting others to make portfolios as well. But then I got thinking...What is the best way to keep doing this portfolio thing? Maybe this time, a digital one to cut down on paperwork?

....And so this experiment begins.

Cover page of my 2nd year portfolio.  Made the cover and all the pages with ComicLife on my macbook.  (A time consuming and slow-running program….Thank goodness I found Picnik!)

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