Science and Math

This page is a collection of my Science and Math posts.
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Scientific Method:

Metric Measurement Lab - Balloon Science 
Metric Measurement Activity - Triple Beam Balance Candy Practice

Physical Science
Gravity Video
Motion, Forces, Energy...and Amusement Park Rides!
Design a Rollercoaster Lab
Halloween Catapult Construction

Life Science
Edible DNA Models
Cell Division Flip Books
Cell Respiration Exercise Lab
Daphnia and Hydra Lab 

Earth Science:
Using MegaDisasters in the Classroom
Rock Cycle Stations
Reading Weather Data Webquest
Weather Patterns WebQuest
Parachute Races Lab

Classroom Decor - Solar System
Moon Phases - Widget & Activity

Measures of Center
Operations with Integers 
Masks of Symmetry 
Tree Diagrams and Combinations
Baseball Math: Statistics and Data
Guess the Probability Stations
Numbers About Me...Winter Break Style
Thanksgiving Plans
Mr and Mrs. Potato Head Combinations Part I
Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Combinations
Legos In Math
Twister in Math Class
Negative Numbers
Coordinate Graphing Games
Symmetry Webquest
Graphing Books

General Resources
Math and Science Notebooking Part I
Math and Science Notebooking Part II
Math and Science Notebooking Part IV
Using Menus in Science and Math
Science Sub Plans

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