Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Data and Wars

Today I updated an old Veterans Day activity with this philosophy in mind:

Isn't that quote great? It is too true!

So today we navigated and analyzed data as a too to understanding our past.

Sorting. Calculating. Comparing. Analyzing.

We made inferences
and were able to better understand our country's history of war.

Veterans Day Data Activity  is available here.
But I would really love to take this lesson further
by looking at data that is more specifically related to veterans.
Here is one website that I think will be a great resource to share and discuss with my class tomorrow after our Veterans visit: Our Military Demographics  It is interesting to look at graphs to compare.

We also had some wonderful Veterans in today. 
 And two of the best things we did to enhance their visit were .... 1. Brainstorm questions IN ADVANCE.  {Because of this, the students' questions were wonderful and the discussions meaningful.} 2. Support student THANK YOU NOTES by providing them with samples, sentence starters, and buzzwords.  

Thank You Note template here.

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