Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Parent-Teacher Conferences Week!

Here's Some Tips for a Successful Conference:
 1. Have students complete a "Self-Reflection Report Card" before conferences and use it as a springboard for discussion in the conference.    (See freebie below.)

2. Know how to get right to the point and communicate effectively. 
As a middle school teacher with 60 − 80 students, this is a must.  
This book is great for catch phrases...but there are a million more out there on Amazon.:

3. Document every. little. thing. in your grade book.  
Especially modifications/accommodations and original scores.
It will help to jog your memory when needed.

How do YOU do parent-conference week at your school?

Any tips?  

I'd love to hear them!


Beth said...

Thanks for linking up..I love the self reflection. Great idea!
Thinking of Teaching

melissa said...

Great Outfit! loving the heels, scarf, belt!

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks so much for the student's report card (elementary) perfect to use for interviews coming up soon.

Hadar said...

Courtney, I am obsessed with you already!!!

Courtney said...

@ Beverley & Beth- Thanks! If you use them, let me know how they go!

@ melissa - hahha thanks, the heels definitely didn't last all day...

@Hadar - Thanks! Just started following you, as well! :)

--sme said...

You share so generously!

I totally agree about documenting every little thing in your grade book. Even something as simple how often a student goes to the lav or whether a student missed a homework because they were absent when it was assigned or absent when it was due can give great insight into a child's performance and scores. It can also give very tangible evidence to parents on what to focus on in their discussions with Junior.

btw, you get mad style-points for those shoes!

Courtney said...

sme -So true. good does make it "tangible"!!

PS- bahaha ..And do those style points even me out with the ones I lost for wearing plaid? ;)

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